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Best Dance Instruction in Madhusudanpur

We’ve been providing award-winning flamenco training for many years. At Businesses, our stylish, well-appointed studios play host to some of the Madhusudanpur area’s premier instructors, who offer beginner, intermediate and advanced flamenco instruction. We also offer taster sessions for those looking to experience new types of flamenco for the first time. Whatever your passion, celebrate it at our studio! You can get in touch with us on 9348162874.

Our facilities

At our chic studio, we have multiple spaces tailored to different types of flamenco. Our innovative studios are equipped with mirrors and barres, to allow our members to perfect their technique, and our modern spaces are fitted with special non-slip floors to protect dancers against injury. There’s also an expansive changing area on site with spotless showers, as well as a snack bar and lounge for our valued members.

Our services

Whether you’re a beginner or professional dancer, we’re confident you’ll find a class to suit you at our studio. We offer classes in a variety of styles for beginners, intermediates and advanced dancers, ensuring that all members can find a class that suites their level of experience. Our children’s classes are also divided by grades, for those seeking to pass examinations and achieve a certain qualification.

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